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Postby Michael Jen on Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:22 pm

A couple weeks ago, MBF creator, Geoff Gluckman, was in my area. So while he was here, I had him look at my posture and update my MBF programs. When he looked at me, he said that my atlas vertebrae was misaligned (C1). The problem with a misalignment with the atlas was that there are no voluntary muscle groups connected to that verebrae, therefore, MBF cannot realigned it. In martial arts, there’s the saying, “Where the head goes, the body will follow”. Since the head is balanced on the atlas, a misaligned in the atlas will cause a misalignment of the head which will cause a misalignment in the rest of the body.

So with Geoff recommendation, I went to see a NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) chiropractor. This was a very interesting experience because it was nothing like the chiropractors I had been to in the past. The chiro took 3 x-rays of my neck and head and looked as how my head was misaligned. He then made calculations based on the x-rays on how to adjust the atlas vertebrae. How he adjusted my atlas was specific to me and how my atlas was deviated. The adjustment was not forceful. In fact, it felt like he was doing nothing. I was expecting some cracking, but felt pop or crack at all. He made the adjustment to my C1 and no other part of my spine.

The thing I thought was interesting, and which I liked because of my my experience in dealing with posture, was that the chiro would look at certain postural deviations before and after the adjustment. The chiro would look to see how much of a physical change occurred in the alignment of the body as a result of the treatment.

Here's the interesting thing...When I got him I stood to reflect on how my body felt. I felt much more "grounded"- like my legs and felt had a firmer connection to the ground. My weight also felt much more evenly distributed in my feet. My left shoulder was slightly elevated and I felt it start to relax and drop down. My hips also became a bit more even as my slightly elevated left hip seemed to have decreased a little. The movement of my head and neck actually feel smoother. When Geoff looked my my posture, he said my head as slightly off to the left. Now my head feels much more centered.

Each day after the adjustment, my body began to improve more and more. This was different from most “regular” chiro adjustments I had in the past where I felt the effect fade over time. My elevated shoulder and elevated hip dropped down even more and they are now practically even. I could feel my feet supinate less. When doing my MBF program, I felt a greater range of motion in various exercises.

I went for my second appointment with the NUCCA chiro. Basically, he examined at me and said that the adjustment held, so he didn't need to do anything. Basically, at my level of function because of MBF and the fact that I continuously do a program that improves the alignment of my body, I only needed one adjustment and that was it!

The NUCCA chiro’s have 3 levels of certification (Level 1, Level 2, and Board Certified). Though there were lower level NUCCA chiro’s closer to me, I went to the chiro with the highest ranking certification (Board Certified) which was an hour drive away. Since I was going to invest the time and money, in addition to wanting to know if NUCCA really works, I wanted to find the most qualified individual. With that being said, I don’t know if there would have been a difference in results if I had gone to NUCCA chiro with a lower certification.

I have tried numerous different modalities over the years. Some helped resolve problems, most did not. Because I have experienced more of what didn’t work than what has worked, I am not easily impressed, however, I must admit that I was extremely impressed with my experience with the NUCCA chiro. But let me mention this…I went to the NUCCA chiro having done MBF for over 2 years. I cannot say from experience how well the NUCCA adjustment works without MBF. However, with my understanding of how and why the NUCCA adjustment works and my own experience with it, I can say that I believe MBF and NUCCA is a great combo.

Because of MBF, I had no chronic pain, so I cannot say that I know how well it works for people in severe pain. Also, because of my level of postural alignment that I already had and the fact that I knew what things not to do which would throw out the adjustment, I only needed 1 adjustment. I cannot say exactly how many adjustments anyone else may need since everyone’s situation is different. However, I do recall Geoff mentioning that the average person who does MBF could probably get the adjustment to hold in about 4 visits and a person who did not use MBF would take about 6 – 8 visits. So it seems like the fact that I could get the adjustment to hold in 1 visit was a rarity even for those who use MBF.
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