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Postby Michael Jen on Wed Dec 26, 2007 8:02 pm

People with severe TMJ may experience serious discomfort. However, I realized that a most people actually have minor TMJ problems even if they don't have pain. For example, I have no pain, but my jaw would "click" if I opened my mouth really wide. It wouldn't click during talking or eat, just when I would open my mouth as wide as possible and then close it. My brother is a dentist and he said that most people have some sort of minor misalignment. Because so many people have it, dentists simply considered this as "normal".

I have been attempting to resolve some dental issues I have had and most of the things I have begun to change and done no longer follow standard dental practices. One of the things I have begun to do is to attempt to fix this misalignment in my jaw. I feel that a misalignment in the jaw, even if it is slight, must have a negative effect on the teeth and gums. I went to get opinions from various dentists in regards to fixing the misalignment of the jaw and the answers ranged from surgery to retainers. I felt that wasn't the answer since the jaw joint should be like any other joint which meant that the muscles determined the positioning of the joint.

I spoke to MBF creator, Geoff Gluckman, about this and found out that he used to have a problem with his jaw clicking and was able to correct the problem with some specialized exercises. I started to do these specialized exercises and, though my problem is not completely gone yet, my jaw is clicking less and I can feel that my jaw position has changed.

I'll keep you all update on how my progress goes with this TMJ issue and I am curious to see how it effects the rest of my dental health in the future.
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