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MBF endorsed by Slovakian Special Forces

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MBF endorsed by Slovakian Special Forces

Postby Michael Jen on Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:42 pm

The Slovakian Special Forces are in a very unique situation in which they are the only military group in the world who is using the MBF system in their daily training as a means of injury prevention and enhancing performance. The livelihood and lives of these soldiers depend on their physical well being and it was great to see that they realized and felt the importance of MBF. I got to work with some team leaders and members in early 2007. I usually deal with a lot of office workers in my area, so it was really interesting to see the difference in the postures of soldiers who are very physically active.

"MBF system creates awesome long term conception as an injury prevention method. Also, in our battle field job , it gives us a serious edge and pretty much keep us active in our job.
It has quickly become our core injury prevention method which we use daily - even during the missions"

Slovak Spec. Op. team member - aka " KAUCUK"

" MBF principles , feeling proper body positioning / postural body awareness/ helps us VERY much during our daily tasks.
For example, we immediately started to use "postural" principles during shooting, clinch CQB work, HALO and HAHO jumping, room scanning, rounding up and also during long marching!
The effectiveness is simply outstanding. We pretty much have become much more efficient specialists!

Slovak Spec member - aka " JUDO"
Michael Jen

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