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Misconception #2.....

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Misconception #2.....

Postby Michael Jen on Wed Mar 28, 2007 12:27 am

Another common misconception is that is certain joints, such as shoulders and knees, are more fragile than others and, therefore, more suseptable to injury.

As a jiu-jitsu black belt, I can tell you that it take fewer pounds of pressure for me to break someone's finger or wrist than it takes for me to break someone's knee, dislocate their shoulder, of break someone's back. Yet, as an MBF practitioner, I have a far greater number of come to me in regards to low back problems than finger problems . The reason ankle, knee, and shoulder problems are common is because those are your body's load joints. The hip joints are also load joints and problems with the hips often show up as low back pain and low back pain is extremely common. Your body's load joints support the load of your body's weight. As a result, when muscular imbalances occur, these areas tend to be affected right away due to the constant pressure they have to deal with.

In addition, if you look at most strength training exercises, the muscles around the load joints are the most common ones being worked and, consequently (due to most athletic/strength trainers' unfamiliarity with posture ), the greatest amount of muscular imbalance is created in those areas.

Check out Dean Karnazes is insane with the amount of running that he does. He has ran non-stop for 350 miles. You may think that a person who run so much would have knee problems, but when asked about injuries and pain, he says he has no injuries and problems with his body and he attributes it to having good alignment.
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