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Misconception #1.....

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Misconception #1.....

Postby Michael Jen on Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:37 pm

I saw an interesting discussion in regards to athletic training and strength training in general. As a result, I wanted to address a several issues that I feel are misconceptions that many people and trainers seem to have. I will address one misconception at the moment and others in future threads.

Misconception #1:

There seems to be the thought that only people who weight/strength train incorrectly have muscular imbalances and that anyone who trains properly will not have imbalances. The unfortunate truth is that everyone, besides very young children, in today's modern society has muscular imbalances. Many people may think they don't have imbalances, but they do.

Most athletic trainers only notice muscular imbalance when it is grossly obvious. However, imbalances do not need to be grossly obvious to cause problems for the body. When it is not very obvious, many trainers think there is no problem and end up building strength and power on top of the problems. Then when pains and injuries arise, they claim that is just part of hard exercise and sports.

Keep in mind that the human body does have a certain amount of tolerance for imbalance. No one's body, in today's modern societies, will be 100% perfect, but the body doesn't require that needs to be 100% perfect to be pain free, strong, and highly functional. It is just that the human body cannot deviate too far and the imbalances can't be too great and most people don't realize that the imbalaces have gotten too great until it is too late.

I feel this important to address because there many people who read the information on this site, but say to themselves, "Well, that doesn't apply to me because I don't have imbalances." Interestingly, as an MBF practitioner, I have never have anyone approach me and say, "I have pain in (insert name of body part) due to muscular imbalances and I want to correct those imbalances."
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