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MBF and pro soccer players....

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MBF and pro soccer players....

Postby Radek Sefcik on Thu Jun 19, 2008 7:32 pm

After using MBF postural therapy successfully between my spec. op. police and military groups here in Slovakia for more then 3 years now , we / with huge Mike´s help / made another breaking point . Professional soccer players starting to notice effectiveness of MBF system as well!!!! . Just recently I had worked with one pro soccer player on postural exercises /personal program designed by Mike/. Right now, he is in intense preparation phases …working out 2 times a day/6 days a week….with a lots of training volume - sprinting, agility activities, long distance running, .etc. When we set his second meeting just yesterday/in order to explain him exercises/, he was really beaten up …but ready to give MBF stuff try.

Well, during explaining him MBF exercises details, it was obvious, his body was really messed up but his great attitude and willingness to work on something new was awesome. I had to accommodate some exercises to his current postural status but in the end of menu he was literally in shock! He said me he never ever felt such outstanding feeling…. .he was much lighter, more relaxed,…all tension and discomfort was gone!! …and after 2 brutal training session that day – he was energized and read to go. He felt like it was training day off - yesterday.
He was very happy with results and definitely ready to use MBF daily as a main method for much faster recovery and injury prevention!

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