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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MBF® posture therapy the best for relieving pain?

We have found that MBF® works best  for those who want to take control and responsibility of their own health, use exercise as a means to fix their problems, and have the discipline to do it on their own every day.  MBF® tends not to work well for those who do not possess these qualities.

How long does it usually take until I can feel a difference and am without symptoms?

It varies from person to person, however, many people begin to feel a reduction in their discomfort right after their first session. To be completely without symptoms depends on the severity of your problem and how long you have had the problem. It is important to remember that your problems may have developed over a very long period of time time, and therefore it will take time and work to correct them. On average, it takes about six to eight sessions.

Why do I need new exercise programs? Why can’t I just keep doing my initial program?

First, when it comes to realigning your body, it is not possible to fix everything at once. There are certain issues that must be resolved before others. Without fixing those high priority issues first, working on anything else have little effect.

Second, as your body begins to change, your program should be updated to match those changes. Some parts of your body will change faster than others, so it is important to have a program is correct for you at that moment.

Lastly, many times, as certain problems begin to peel away, other problems are revealed. It is very common for the human body to hide its dysfunctions in order to perform the tasks it is called upon to do.

Once I begin doing my first program of exercises, how long should I wait until getting new ones?

Here is the ideal schedule we recommend:

Second evaluation: ten days later
Third evaluation: 2 weeks later
Fourth evaluation: 2 weeks later
Fifth evaluation: 3 weeks later
Sixth evaluation: 3 weeks later
Seventh evaluation: 1 month later
Eighth evaluation: 1 month later

Our goal is to get you pain free and fully functional so you can get on a “maintenance program” where you rarely or no longer need to update programs.

Do I need to buy equipment to do the exercises?

No, what you need to do the exercises can be improvised by using various items already found in your home.

How often should I be doing my program of exercises and how much time will it take?

You should do the program of exercises daily. However, we understand that sometimes life gets busy and that you may miss a day or two. We recommend that you do no less than five days per week for the best results. Let us know how much time you are able to dedicated each day and we can design a program that meets those time constraints.

Can I do the exercises in any order or do I have to do them in the order prescribed?

The exercise routines need to be followed exactly as designed in order to achieve the expected results.

Should I be feeling pain while doing the exercises?

No, however, keep in mind that people define pain differently. Some people may feel a very strong stretch and refer to that as pain, but that discomfort is not the same as being injured. If you are unsure whether a certain type of discomfort is normal, please make notes of the type, intensity, location, and duration and speak to us immediately.

Will I feel sore or discomfort after doing these exercises?

It is not uncommon to initially feel sore after the first few days because you are re-training certain muscle groups that have not been working properly. In addition, your body is changing, so it may take a little while for your body to get accustomed to its new position. Once again if you are unsure if any type of discomfort is normal, please speak to use immediately.

Can I do other exercises/activities along with the posture therapy program?

In most situations, you can definitely continue whatever you have been doing. In some instances, we may suggest that you take a short break or modify what you are doing if we feel that it will aggravate your symptoms.

Is it OK to incorporate other modalities such as massage therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic?

Most definitely. MBF® posture therapy should be your “core” and those other modalities can be excellent supplements.

Are you against the use of medical treatment such as surgery or drugs?

We support the correct diagnosis and treatment of a person’s disease, ailment, or pain. There are times in which surgery or drugs are a necessity and there are times in which it is not. We are against the use of surgery or drugs when it is not necessary.

Is MBF® the same as the Egoscue Method?

No. The system, logic, and application of MBF® is completely different from the Egoscue Method. The only similarity are the types of exercises used and the idea of postural alignment.